Do New Homes Need Pest Control?

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If you recently purchased a new home, then you’€™re probably wondering if you need pest control.

Your home is brand new and it shouldn’€™t have pest problems, right?

Unfortunately, that’€™s not always the case.

Many people are under the impression that their recently constructed home doesn’€™t need pest control. Here are some of the reasons that’€™s not always true:

1) Your Home was Built on Cleared Ground

Before your home was built, builders had to clear ground. Depending on your location, the ground may involve clearing a forest, wiping out a former farmland pasture, or removing old buildings.

That can be a problem. When you clear ground, it can displace pests that were living in that group or reveal pests that were living deep within that ground.

Ant invasions are common in new homes. Construction can disturb existing ant mounds while being built.

Other new homes may have rodent problems. Construction can disturb nests of rodents, who then seek shelter inside your unfinished home or in nearby lumber and construction materials.

2) Pests Can Easily Access a Home While Under Construction

Your home was built outdoors and was not sealed off during the building phase. During construction, pests have plenty of time to find nooks and crannies in your home.

That means that by the time you move in, you may already have a thriving pest problem on your hands.

3) Home Construction Materials May Have Introduced Pests

In some cases, new homes have pest problems because the materials used to build the home were infested with pests. The lumber may have come from a damp lumberyard or the materials may have been stored in a pest-filled environment.

4) Getting Pest Control is a Proactive Approach

Routinely using pest control will save you mountains of headaches down the road. It can help you save thousands of dollars while also protecting your biggest investment.

By establishing a proactive pest management program in your home, you’€™re creating a defensive line between your home and pests. You’€™ve already prepared for a battle that the pests didn’€™t even know had started.

At the very least, pest control gives you peace of mind to know your new home isn’€™t compromised with pests. Yes, pest control may be the best investment you ever make in your home.

You Need Pest Control in Your New Home

Whether it’€™s a brand new home or an older home, every home can benefit from pest control. It’€™s an effective way to protect your biggest investment and an easy way to give yourself peace of mind.

For all of these reasons and others, pest control on new homes is always important.

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