How Important is Termite Control in Oklahoma?

termites in Oklahoma

Some of you may be wondering why we’€™re asking if termite control is important. Of course, termite and pest control is necessary for anyone living in OKC. But, many don’€™t realize just HOW important it is for your home.

Heavy Termite Infestations in Oklahoma:

Termite infestation has become such a major problem that the International Residential Code created the Termite Infestation Probability Map that shows the severity of the issue for each state. If you take Alaska, for example, it is the only state to escape the problem of termite infestation. Some people put this down to the fact that Alaska is colder than other states, but this isn’t an issue for these wood-munching critters.

Oklahoma is indicated as a region of moderate to heavy termite infestation on the probability map, so there’s a good chance you’ll have to deal with an infestation problem. Oklahoma finds itself in the top 20 percent of states with termite problems.

Termites Found in Oklahoma:

The type of termites you have eating away at your wood structures can determine how much damage is being caused to your home. Fortunately, homeowners in Oklahoma are likely to deal with only the normal variants of subterranean termites.

Although dry wood termites don’t appear often in the region, there is a possibility that they visit. To give you an idea of the scale of a “regular” termite infestation, you can expect to have anywhere from 80,000 to a million termites inside your home.

The feared Formosan termite hasn’t made an appearance in Oklahoma just yet, but infestations have been reported just across the border in Texas. Formosan termites originate from Taiwan and China, and their colonies tend to be at least 10 times larger than “native” termites and are capable of causing far more damage in a shorter period of time.

Financial Fallout From Termites:

Termites are responsible for approximately $5 billion of damage to properties each year. The problem with termite damage is that its presence may go long unseen. The longer it takes to spot the problem, the larger the likelihood that your home will need to be fumigated (tented) and require extensive repair work. You should also keep in mind that homeowner’€™s insurance typically does not cover the damage.

Living in an area that’s more prone to termite infestation can also result in higher home insurance costs.

Swarm Season:

You can expect your termite problems to appear once the local temperature reaches 60 degrees, usually between March and May. If the spring turns unusually warm, you’ll find termites appearing earlier than they usually do.

Termites also enjoy swarming indoors as long as your home is warm enough for them to survive and keep their colonies thriving.

Investment & Underwriter Risks

What most investors don’t realize is that mortgage lenders use the Termite Infestation Probability map when making their evaluations. The more at risk your future home is from termite infestation, the higher your insurance premiums will be and the more difficulty you may have in reselling your home.

Don’€™t believe us? Check out this RealtorMag piece.

You can save yourself a lot of headaches by putting a termite prevention and control program in place, and the team at Harmony Pest Solutions would be more than happy to help you with any aspect of OKC pest control.