Controlling Mice in the Oklahoma City Area

We Find Them

Trying to find and get rid of mice is tedious, not to mention, gross. You don’€™t have to do this anymore. Now, Harmony Pest Solutions comes in, finds where the mice are and eliminates them. No more buying traps, setting them up around the house and crossing your fingers.

Get Rid of Germs

Mice are nasty creatures that spread germs and diseases in your home. You don’€™t want to see them or hear them. We put an end to the germ-causing pests so you can enjoy your home without a second thought.

Protect Your House

Mice not only spread germs, they damage your property. You didn’€™t work hard, save up and purchase a home just to have it damaged by mice. Harmony Pest Solutions protects your OKC property from the nasty creatures.

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Facts About Mice:

Where do mice live?

Mice build homes in dark areas, protected from the elements and near a food source.

Do mice carry disease?

Mice are known to spread more than 35 diseases. These can be spread to humans directly or through handling of live or dead rodents, contact with feces, urine or saliva. Mice can carry as many as 200 human pathogens. Yikes!

How does weather affect mice?

When the weather gets cold outside, mice search for a warmer spot for the winter months. Since we experience some cold winters in Oklahoma City, mice are on the move. This is why you tend to see and hear them more often in the winter. Mice do not hibernate.

How often do they reproduce?

House mice can reproduce rather quickly, producing up to 8 litters a year and only a 21-day pregnancy. This causes mice infestations and the need for mice control.

When do mice move?

Mice tend to move more at night than during the day.

Do You Have An Infestation?

Here are the signs of a mouse problem in your Oklahoma City home:

>Simply sighting mice on a regular basis could mean you have a small mice infestation, with the potential of more if you don’€™t get them under control.

>Hearing frequent sounds in walls, ceilings or attics could mean mice are living in your home.

>A sure sign of a mouse infestation is finding droppings. These small pellets are typically 3-6mm in size and rod-shaped.

>Small footprints by mice are another sign. The front feet have 4 toes and the back have 5 toes.

>Since mice will eat nearly anything, finding shavings or accumulation of debris is a sure sign of mice. Also, finding teeth and gnaw marks on the edges of routes frequently traveled by mice.

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