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Monthly Treatment

Our basic monthly treatment will kill and repel pests four weeks at a time. This treatment is highly effective but also safe and biodegradable. You'€™ll need monthly treatments to keep pests away until the first freeze in Oklahoma City.

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6-Week Treatment

Our six-week treatment is also safe and biodegradable, but the lasting benefit is LESS affected by the constant wind and rain in OKC. Continuing treatments are still advised till the first freeze, but you can be sure that your pest problems will be gone six weeks at a time.

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Water Treatment

If your yard has standing water or landscape ponds, you will need a water treatment. Mosquito eggs are incubated in pooled water where they live first as larvae and second as pupae. They emerge from the water as adult mosquitos.

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Mosquito Treatment Pricing & Process:

The first 2,000 sq ft. treated costs $49 and each additional 1,000 sq ft will add $15 to the treatment. The season-long program starts at $289.

>Initial inspection of the yard and determination of spray areas best fit for you
>Regular spraying, depending on how often you select for us to spray
>Safe spraying and reminders to keep children and pets away from sprayed areas for at least one hour, until dry

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Why Choose Harmony Pest Solutions

Our treatments are completely safe and every chemical we use around your yard is approved by the EPA. After chemicals have dried (within an hour), your yard is safe for everyone in your family, including your pets.

All of our chemicals are 100% biodegradable – so you never have to worry about the treatment of your yard and how it’s affecting your environment. Keeping our Oklahoma environment safe and clean is a major priority for us.

All of our treatment options are affordable and competitively priced so you can choose the right treatment option for your yard. We’re also local to the Oklahoma City area, so we don’t have tons of overhead to maintain, keeping prices affordable for you.

We’re not a massive franchise. We are locally-owned and operated right here in Oklahoma City. We take pride in the Oklahoma area and seek to serve the great people of Oklahoma through effective mosquito and insect yard treatments.