Why You Need Termite Control This Summer

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Most property owners will wait until they see the first signs of a termite problem before contacting a pest control company in OKC. What they don’t realize is that a termite swarm means the colony has grown to its maximum size, and several thousand termites are happily chewing away at the wooden structures inside their home. Just because you can’t see termites doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Where to Look

Trained pest control experts know exactly what to look for when it comes to a termite infestation, but watchful homeowners can spot the warning signs once they know what they are. The things to watch out for are mud tubes in crawlspaces or on the exterior walls of your home. These provide the safest and quickest ways for termites to move in with you. Other common signs of an infestation include termite droppings, damage to anything made of wood, and bubbling/peeling paint.

Termites will be most active during the warm, dry months of summer, but they also don’t hibernate, which means they’re active year round. You will notice that termite swarms tend to be most common just after the last rains of late spring as summer starts. One of the key warning signs that your unwanted termites are swarming are hundreds of pairs of discarded termite wings.

What’s worse for you as a homeowner is that a termite swarm actually means that they’re expanding to other parts of your home. Termites only swarm once their colony has exceeded its current capacity, and now adult termites are spreading their wings, literally, to set up new colonies inside and underneath your home.

Instead of having a single termite colony you’ll wind up with several of them all over your home, each of them ready to grow and expand again once they reach their maximum size. You’ll be left dealing with not only the existing termite infestation you were worried about but additional infestation problems, too.

Want to learn more about termites in the summer? The University of Arizona provided an oversight of termite control and termite infestation during the summer.

Take Action

When is the best possible time to bring in the experts to take care of your termite problem? Right before summer starts. Once the termites start swarming, your potential costs are going to increase dramatically. At Harmony Pest Solutions, we know from experience the costs that are involved with dealing with termite damage, so we actively encourage property owners to consult with us as soon as they notice the first worrying signs that they have a termite problem.

Taking action right now to eliminate your termite problem might seem expensive, but we can guarantee that the costs involved with repairing extensive termite damage pale in comparison. In extreme cases, your home might be unsafe for you to live in due to extensive structural damage to the supporting wooden structures inside your property.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re not sure what steps to take next. We’re always more than happy to advise new customers on the best, and most cost effective, ways to enjoy living in a termite-free home.