You might be wondering how our process works here at Harmony Pest Solutions. It’s quite simple. Follow along below for more details and learn how our treatment can keep your yard safe from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other pesky pests.

mosquito treatment for yard

Step 1: Let's Chat About Your Yard

Tell me about the problems you’re experiencing. We will ask for basic information needed to determine the type of extermination best suited for you and preparation you can make to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

  • >Assess your needs: we’ll discuss your specific needs at your home, whether that’s regular pest control or ongoing mosquito spraying.
  • >Inspection: we’ll take a look at your property and inspect your any issues. We’ll determine the best course of action.
  • >Service: each service requires a different approach, but in most cases we can begin without you being at the property.

In most cases, we can start tomorrow!

Call Nathan for a quote: (405) 926-0814

Step 2: Let's Discuss Extermination Options

We have several extermination services to get rid of pests, bugs and nasty creatures:

>Ongoing pest control: Our basic pest control provides year-round control and prevention of pests in your lawn and in your home.

>Mosquito treatment: we have 3 types of mosquito treatment to get rid of the annoying, blood-sucking pests. Each treatment is guaranteed to keep mosquitoes away for weeks.

>Mice extermination: during winter months, mice are on the move looking for place to hide and survive-typically in your home. Our mice extermination service gets rid of the mice in your house quickly and effectively, guaranteeing long-term elimination.

>Bed Bug Extermination: the prevalence of bed bugs in Oklahoma has risen. To actively fight against bed bugs, we find and exterminate them in homes and large facilities.

mosquito yard treatment
mosquito barrier

Step 3: Start Servicing Your Home

Let’s start treating your OKC home right away-€”the longer you wait, the more the pest population will multiply. Keep your family and pets safe from disease-carrying insects and pests!

Our extermination and treatment options work fast for you. In most cases, we can provide service within 24 hours of your call and consultation.

  1. Call for a consultation – (405) 926-0814
  2. Set start date with our team 
  3. Provide initial inspection and service at your home
  4. Receive feedback from our team regarding next steps

What About Safety?

All chemicals we use are EPA approved and also approved by the state of Oklahoma for use.

Chemicals generally dry within an hour of treatment and are completely safe after drying. There are no risks to pets or humans after drying is complete.

Our chemicals are completely biodegradable. After each treatment, chemicals biodegrade and lose toxicity (4-6 weeks) – totally clean for the environment.

mosquito barrier
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