What Happens if I Don’t Take Termites Seriously in OKC?

OKC pest control - termites

It’€™s that season again in OKC. Pest control will soon be a must. We can expect a lot of excitement around a few different pests, but one of the major concerns in OKC is termites.

Reproductive termites will soon swarm, looking to create a new colony at your home. With termites, do-it-yourself pest control is more than challenging. When you see the termites swarming, call a professional OKC pest control company.

What is the big deal?

Termites are one of the most significant pests in OKC in terms of dollars of damage. Here are a few things to consider when deciding to tackle it alone or hire a pest control service:

Protecting Your Biggest Investment: Your House

Your home in OKC is one of your biggest investments. A pest control service can help you protect the value of your home by one of a few options.

First, they can monitor the home for activity of termites in order to prevent an infestation. Second, they can identify an infestation with accuracy, including localized or structure wide risk. Third, they can effectively treat the structure with the least invasive methods available. You CAN have peace of mind!

When termites infest your home, they eat through the cellulose materials, such as the lumber that holds up the walls and roof. They also regularly eat through non-structural materials, such as furniture, trim and decorative wood, and flooring.

Imagine having to repair your home from the structure moving out. Lots of time, money, and inconvenience. Also, imagine having damage to a priceless heirloom. These are common consequences from termite infestations in OKC.

When major damage is missed, the structure of your home loses much of its strength. In OKC, we have high levels of wind, and as of recent developments over the last few years, EARTHQUAKES! When you ignore the termites, you are incapacitating the ability of your home to protect you from dangerous elements.

Dealing with Chemicals & Equipment

Another consideration of pest control is the danger of handling chemicals and proper equipment. A person wanting to tackle a termite infestation alone may need to undergo basic safety training and the costs of the equipment will be much more costly than purchasing a treatment from an OKC pest control expert.

The most effective chemicals also cannot be purchased without proper licensing and certification, both with the state and the chemical suppliers. The risk of exposure to chemical due to improper handling is never worth any amount of money.

Your Knowledge vs. An OKC Pest Control Pro

When treating termites alone, do you really know if you are beating them? By purchasing non-restricted use products, you are often just helping the termites build up a stronger tolerance and a stronger colony. In the pest control profession, we practice Integrated Pest Management.

Integrated Pest Management is the process of properly exhausting all methods of pest control to eradicate the pest with the least damage to the environment. It also is used to direct the use of chemicals in a manner that will not increase the tolerance of pests to Integrated Pest Management practices.

To make it simple, IPM covers all the bases when treating infestations. Effective eradication, safe practices for the OKC environment, and safe for you. Treating termites is not as easy as watching a YouTube video.

You won’€™t be able to shoot a basketball like Kevin Durant because you watched his highlights on ESPN. It takes a substantial amount of hands on practice, learned knowledge, and a license!


Soon, we will have more than enough termites to go around in OKC. Don’€™t be uncertain about possible termite problems. Let a pest control expert in OKC take a look.

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