Tips to Keep the Pests Out

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pest control OKCEven the cleanest and tidiest homes can fall prey to a wide variety of nasty pests, including rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and other insects. At best these critters will leave you with lingering fear, but at worst they can spread serious diseases within your home.

What can you do to keep your home pest-free? Sure, you can use pesticides, but these can be harmful to family pets and very dangerous for children.

Plenty of other options are available to you, and you’ll be surprised at just how much sense they make once you read about them. You may actually play a part in your own problems.

Food Sources

Insects and rodents, unlike humans, aren’t fussy about what they eat, so they’re quite happy to munch through fresh food, stale food, garbage, or crumbs you’ve accidentally spilled on the floor.

A plate of crumbs is an absolute feast for some pets, so make sure that you only eat in your dining areas (avoid eating in bedrooms, for example), and that you dispose of waste food when you finish. This includes cleaning your plates, cups, and bowls – storing them when you’re finished with them.

All food items should be kept in sealed bags or containers, plus all trash and waste food should be kept in sealed containers, too.

Please don’t leave pet food out overnight unless you have no choice. A bowl of pet food will have all types of critters scurrying out for a late-night banquet.

Water Sources

All living creatures need water to survive. Roaches love water, so if you leave your sink full of water you can be sure that they’€™re going to make use of it, polluting it as they do.

Dampness also provides ideal breeding conditions for many types of unsavory insects, so if you have a leaking faucet, radiator or dishwasher make sure you get it repaired and that you remove the water-damaged wood or fabric in that area.

Even the tiniest pools of water are enough to keep insects healthy and hydrated for weeks, so mop up all spills.


Keeping insects and rodents out of your home is obviously a lot easier than getting rid of them once they have found a way in. So, look for any possible way that pests might sneak into your home, paying careful attention to any cracks in the exterior of your home, spaces around pipes, and any holes or gaps near windows.

Mice and rats are capable of squeezing their bodies through a hole no bigger than a pencil, and insects can enter through the tiniest of cracks. If you can’t afford to repair the cracks and holes, then you can at least seal them with caulk or expanding foam.

Any holes or gaps in your baseboards should also be sealed and, if possible, completely replace damaged baseboards.

The University of Georgia’€™s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences studied the prevention of pests. You can read it at the following: “€œCleaning, Sanitizing and Pest Control in Food Processing, Storage and Service Areas.€”


Maintaining a generally high standard of hygiene inside your home (without being a neat freak) is also very effective in deterring insects and other pests from moving in with you.

Keep your carpets and rugs free of dirt, clean under your sofa, and throw out those old newspapers, cereal boxes and flowers. Basically, you need to dispose of anything that might potentially attract pests.

Cornell University provided tips for keeping rodents out and highlighting the common pests that get into your home. Check it out: “Pest Control.”€

If you currently have a problem with pests inside your home you have the choice of using humane traps for rodents, such as rats or mice, or something as simple as a “Roach Motel” or ant trap to take care of those smaller pests.

You can also choose to contact the Harmony Pest Solutions team, your preferred pest control solution provider in OKC – we do all of the hard work for you, making sure your life can get back to pest-free normality.