The Ultimate Oklahoma Pest Guide – Which Pests & How to Control Them

oklahoma pests

Oklahoma is home to hundreds of different pests. However, only a handful of those pests affect homeowners like you.

Today, we’re giving you the ultimate Oklahoma pest guide. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Oklahoma’s most common pests – including which pests are most common and how to control them.


We’ll start off with a pest most people are familiar with. Oklahoma is home to black-legged ticks, small spider-like creatures (ticks are actually arachnids) that can cause major health problems with just a single bite.

Ticks carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. They get these bacteria by feeding on mice and deer. The black-legged tick is commonly found throughout the United States and can be spotted in shrubs, ferns, and flowers.

Ticks wait for a potential host to walk by. When they sense a nearby animal or human, they stretch out their front legs in an attempt to cling to any part of that passing body.

One of the scariest parts about a tick is that you never feel their bite: the tick’s mouth has an anesthetic chemical that numbs the bite site. Ticks can gorge on your blood for a few days before you notice, using a barbed feeding tube to latch on securely.

So yes, you’re going to want to check yourself for ticks after your next hike in Oklahoma.

How to Avoid Ticks

If you’re gardening in Oklahoma City or hiking nearby, there are a number of strategies you can use to avoid ticks, including:

-Walk in the center of the pathway, minimizing contact with surrounding leaves, branches, and grasses

-Use a repellant that contains 20% to 30% DEET

-Apply permethrin to your clothing, which is a unique repellant that lasts through several washes and provides a protective effect

-Check yourself thoroughly for ticks after being in the wilderness and remember that ticks like to look for dark, moist places to hide

-Check your pants, gear, and other items for ticks. If your clothes require washing, use hot water (cold water does not kill ticks effectively).

Professional Tick Removal Services

Harmony Pest Solutions specializes in tick removal. We offer a basic monthly treatment that kills and repels pests over a four week period. This process is safe and biodegradable. 6 week treatments and one-time water treatments are also available.

In Oklahoma City, we typically recommend that homeowners order monthly treatments to keep ticks away until the first freeze.

Learn more about our tick removal pricing and process here. Prices start at $49 for the first 2,000 square feet of treated area.


Flea infestations can be found on yards throughout Oklahoma. Fleas typically affect your pets, and can also carry deadly intestinal parasites.

Whether it’s on your dog or cat, you typically only realize you have a flea problem when they appear on your pet. Use a flea comb to confirm the presence of ticks, then thoroughly wash your pet with a flea removal solution.

Many people think their job is done after shampooing their dog or cat. However, only 5% of your total flea problem consists of adult fleas. 10% are pupa, 35% are larvae, and 50% are eggs. You’ll need to find the source of your fleas and target the offspring if you want to solve your long-term flea problem.

Typically, you can solve a flea problem using a short-term adulticide, which breaks down quickly in the environment. Longer-term products last over a several week period and control all stages of the flea problem. Traditional pesticides typically only target the adult flea populations – so make sure your solution targets all stages of the flea.

Professional Flea Removal in Oklahoma City

Professional flea removal in Oklahoma City is the recommended way to solve your flea problem. Good professional flea removal services will target all stages of the flea’s life cycle to ensure you get maximum removal. We use biodegradable solutions to ensure your flea problem is gone – permanently.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants, contrary to what the name suggests, don’t typically cause damage to your home. Instead, they typically live in rotting logs and stumps around your home. Nevertheless, they have been known to build nests in houses or in critical structures like telephone poles.

Carpenter ants are distinguished by their large body. They’re typically about 1/4 inch in size (For a worker) and 3/4 inch (for a queen).

How to Solve a Carpenter Ant Problem

Solving carpenter ant problems is relatively straightforward. After identifying a nest, you’ll want to pour boiling water or ant killer (or a mixture of both) onto the nest, which kills the nest at the source.

If carpenter ants are inside your home – like in rotting siding – then you may need to replace this wood to prevent the establishment of indoor carpenter ant colonies. Otherwise, carpenter ants will keep coming back.

Want to ensure your carpenter ant problem has completely disappeared? Get in touch with Harmony Pest Solutions. We’ve helped hundreds of Oklahoma City residents solve their carpenter ant problems.


Arguably the grossest pest on this list, cockroaches in Oklahoma are typically the German Cockroach instead of the larger American and Oriental cockroaches. These notorious pests hide all throughout your home, coming out at night to scavenge any food products you’ve left behind. You can find them in food pantries, behind stoves, in bathroom vents and plumbing, and under sinks.

If you see cockroaches crawling around in your house during the day, then it’s possible that you have a very severe infestation that requires complete extermination.

The sooner you tackle your cockroach problem, the better. Cockroaches can hatch several generations in one year. Just a single cockroach egg capsule can contain 30 nymphs.

Professional Cockroach Removal in Oklahoma City

Cockroaches are not a pest you should take lightly. Not only are they gross, but they can quickly snowball into a devastating problem that impacts the value of your home.

With that in mind, consider calling Harmony Pest Solutions to assess your cockroach problem. We can provide biodegradable pest control solutions that go to work today – and work over the long-term – to solve your pest problem.

If you are seeing cockroaches around your home during the day, then it’s imperative that you call professional pest control services as soon as possible – you might already have a serious problem.


Mosquitos can be found all across Oklahoma and Oklahoma City backyards. In days gone by, having mosquitos meant an annoying buzzing sound and painful, itchy bites.

Today, however, mosquitos carry deadly diseases – like Zika virus and West Nile Virus – both of which have been spotted in the United States.

KOCO recently did a report showing that the types of mosquitos that carry Zika have been found in Southewst Oklahoma. You can read that frightening report here.

How to Solve a Mosquito Problem in Oklahoma City

There are all sorts of different mosquito control solutions you can implement today, including mechanical barriers, chemical controls, or space sprays. Some people focus on aquatic stage control – removing eggs and larvae from the water in which mosquitos hatch. Others focus on adult mosquito control.

In many cases, however, mosquito control is beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner, in which case you may need the professionals.

Professional Mosquito Control Services

Ready to call in the big guns of mosquito removal? Harmony Pest Solutions has helped local Oklahoma City homeowners solve countless mosquito problems over the years.

We offer monthly, six week, and water treatments to remove mosquitos from your property.

A monthly treatment kills and repels mosquitos four weeks at a time. It’s a highly effective solution and is also completely biodegradable. We recommend monthly treatments until the first freeze.

6 week treatments are also safe and biodegradable, but we use a mosquito control solution that’s less affected by wind and rain in OKC. You’ll still want to get treatments until the first freeze, but treatments are only required 6 weeks at a time.

Water treatments are an effective long-term solution to serious mosquito problems. If your property has standing water or landscape ponds, then water treatment is recommended. Mosquito eggs are incubated in pooled water, where they turn into larvae and then pupae, emerging from the water as active mosquitos. Targeting water today breaks up the cycle.


Termites are a serious problem in Oklahoma City, where homeowners specifically have to deal with Eastern subterranean termites. OKC residents are at a particularly high risk of termite problems.

This pest causes millions of dollars in damage across the United States every year. It’s one of the most destructive pests that can affect OKC residents.

Termites typically like to gather inside walls or other building cavities where moisture collects. They also need to constantly search for new food sources, which means they can quickly make their way throughout your home.

Professional Termite Removal

A fast response to a termite infestation may be the difference between losing key structural pieces of your home – and stopping a problem before it’s too late.

Harmony Pest Solutions offers a number of effective termite control solutions, including:

-Active Infestation Treatments: Uses both liquid and bait treatments to draw out and eliminate termites.

-Preventative Treatments: Put a barrier around your home that prevents termites from entering.

Get a free termite control estimate today. We’ll solve your subterranean termite problem in OKC quickly and at a reasonable rate.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are right up there with cockroaches in terms of the “grossness” factor. Many people aren’t aware that bed bugs are even a problem in Oklahoma City. Yes, they’re here and Harmony Pest Solutions has solved bed bug problems all across our city.

Bed bugs come out at night to feed on your body. They’ll literally crawl up onto your bed after you turn out the lights, feeding on your body while you sleep.

Surprisingly few companies even offer bed bug removal services. Harmony Pest Solutions actually specializes in bed bug extermination and removal: we not only exterminate your bugs, but we’ll also wait around until your bed bugs are 100% gone.

Harmony Pest Solutions is licensed to kill bed bugs in homes and buildings across OKC. Call 405-760-7204 today for a free estimate!