Should I Use Pest Control in the Spring?

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Pest control is important at all times of the year in Oklahoma City. But it’€™s particularly important in the spring, when bugs come out of hiding and attack your home from all angles.

Should you use pest control in the spring? Absolutely. Today, we’€™re highlighting some of the enormous pest problems you’€™ll find around your house every spring.

Insects Are More Resilient Than You Think

Some people have the odd (and mistaken) impression that cold winter temperatures kill all pests around your home.

In reality, most pests don’€™t die when cold weather strikes. Pests are far more resilient than that. So no matter how cold, how snowy, or how wet a winter might have been, you’€™re still going to have a buggy summer and spring.

Of course, if the winter was dry and warm, then pest populations will be particularly bad in the spring. So no matter how you cut it up, you’€™ve got some serious pest problems to anticipate this spring or summer.

Typically, winter weather doesn’€™t change our chances of experiencing a pest problem. It just changes the types of pests we’€™re going to experience.

Certain Pests Are Moisture Seekers

Some pests are more likely to appear in spring than others. For example, ants thrive in moist conditions. That’€™s why after a wet or snowy winter, we’€™ll often see carpenter ant problems. In certain parts of the country, ticks can also be a problem after a wet winter because they’€™re also moisture seekers.

Mosquitos and Other Pests Love Water

In order to breed, mosquitos need still water. When a wet winter turns to a warm spring, you can often find enormous mosquito problems throughout the region.

Standing water also contains good foraging for termites, which increases the pest population by summer.

Extreme Weather Drives Pests to your Homes

Over the past few years, our climate has become more extreme. Winters have been alternating between strangely cold or strangely warm. Tornadoes and hurricanes are occurring more frequently.

Most of us dislike extreme weather. But do you know who really hates extreme weather? Pests.

Extreme weather -€“ including high heat, cold, rain, or snow -€“ tends to drive pests into homes and structures. Pests can’€™t survive outdoors in extreme conditions, so they invade our homes.

You can hardly blame pests for this activity -€“ it’€™s a survival tactic. Their instinct is telling them to either stay outside and die or seek shelter in the nearest structure – which is your home.

Of course, milder weather isn’€™t much better for pests. Instead of the pests seeking shelter within your home, their populations just thrive around your home – which can often be worse.

What should you NOT do in your home that attracts pests? The University of Georgia has the answer.

The Most Common Springtime Pest Problems Include…

-Boxelder Bugs: These oval-shaped black and redlined bugs love to gather on the sunny parts of your home, where you can often find them in groups of a dozen or more. They’€™re mostly harmless, but nobody wants to live in a house with a few hundred boxelder bugs gathering on the walls.

-Fireflies / Lightning Bugs: Lightning bugs are not interested in your home and don’€™t cause much damage. But they do like to gather around your house, mate, and eat. When left unchecked in springtime, they can become a big (and sometimes beautiful) problem in the summer months.

-Ants: Ants become more active in the spring and summer, when they venture out of their mounds to find new food sources. In many cases, these food sources are in or around your home. Even a minor ant problem can cause enormous issues when left unchecked in your house over time.

-Cockroaches: You may think fireflies, ladybugs, and boxelder bugs are cute. But most people don’€™t feel the same way with cockroaches. In springtime, cockroaches can start multiplying and foraging for food more rapidly than at any other time of the year. Remember: getting rid of one or two roaches is a whole lot easier than trying to remove an enormous infestation a few months from now.

-Mosquitos: Mosquitos are the most hazardous bugs on this list when it comes to human health. With new threats like the Zika virus, chikungunya, and dengue arriving in America, mosquito-borne virus infections are expected to rise across the country.

-Termites: Termites are a problem year-round, but termite swarms tend to grow alarmingly in springtime. Termites can cause permanent, devastating damage to your home when left unchecked.

-Bees and Wasps: Bees and wasps wake up from their winter “€œhibernation”€ and become more active in the spring.

-Ticks: Ticks are a common outdoor problem throughout many parts of America. Make sure to check your body thoroughly after hiking in grassy or wooded areas -€“ especially during the spring.

-Fleas: Fleas are surprisingly susceptible to cold winter temperatures. However, flea babies start to birth and hatch in springtime, causing potentially big problems for your household pets and fabrics.

Pests Are Always a Problem in Spring

Different weather conditions lead to different types of pests. But in spring, there are always some types of pest problems you’€™ll need to consider.

With that in mind, take a look at some of the pest control OKC packages offered by Harmony Pest Solutions to help control springtime pest populations around your home as we move into summer.