Why You Need Mice Control During the Winter

10843172623_f84571c9a7_bWhat many people don’t realize is that unlike most other animals, mice don’t hibernate during the winter. This means that during the bitterly cold months of winter, they have to find sources of food, shelter and heat to survive.

This is exactly why most homeowners experience their most serious mice infestation problems during colder months. This is also happening more often because of the way housing developments are extending into areas that were once nothing but fields.

The mice aren’t really moving into your home, you’ve just built your home on their territory. They will use that to their advantage in every possible way.



Although you may not think it’€™s significant that a few mice live in your home during the winter months, it’s important to remember that a mice infestation can become a very real and very serious issue for your entire family in the span of just a few weeks.

Mice have a gestation (pregnancy) period of just 21 days, and they can give birth up to nine times each year. If you run the numbers on that, you’ll see you could very easily wind up with hundreds of mice roaming around inside your home in as little as 90 days.

Now, that’€™s a problem.

Disease Carriers


Another issue is that mice can also be responsible for carrying disease. A typical mouse is capable of being home to up to 35 different diseases. These can then spread to your family through accidental contact with mice urine, saliva or feces, or simply removing a dead mouse from your home.

Most people think that mice are relatively harmless, but they can pose a serious health risk for you, your family, and other pets.

For a complete list of diseases that rodents carry, visit the CDC’s page.

Health Risks


If mice get access to your food, this can lead to the food being spoiled and disposed of, if you’re lucky. However, you could wind up eating food items that have been tainted by mouse waste, which then leads to food poisoning and even respiratory problems in the most serious cases.

Children are especially prone to health problems potentially caused by mice, including asthma. Don’t believe us? Check this Penn State University study.

Property Damage


Then, you need to consider the potential for damage to your home and possessions.

Mice have sharp teeth that can quickly chew through books, clothing, furniture, and even electrical cables. These exposed electrical cables can cause fires, resulting in the total destruction of a property. Even if the mice in your home don’t cause a fire, it will cost you thousands of dollars to replace everything they’ve chewed holes in.

You do have the option of capturing mice using a variety of humane traps, but once they’re released, they’ll often find their way back into your home just a few hours later. A catch-and-release system won’t help you resolve a mice infestation.


So, instead of letting the situation get completely out of control, it makes far more sense to implement some kind of pest control plan.

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