Removing Wildlife in Oklahoma & Texas

Remove the wildlife

When we arrive on the scene, we work diligently to remove all wildlife from your home in the most humane way.

Keep wildlife away

Most removal companies only remove the wildlife. They don’€™t actually find and close entrances. We make sure wildlife don’€™t find ways back into your living space.

Get relief

It’€™s a nuisance to have wildlife taking up home in your home. All you want is them removed and your space back, without damage. That’€™s what we do. We bring relief.

How Does Wildlife Get In?

Most wildlife finds entry through gaps, large cracks and holes in the trim or fascia boards, attic vents, or an open chimney. If there’€™s a large enough hole, wildlife will find a way in. They do this because they’€™re looking for shelter, especially females looking to nest.

Wildlife typically gets in because we don’€™t constantly check for holes or gaps in those areas. Let’€™s be honest, after a day of work or other activity, the last thing we think to do is check around our house for holes. Time goes by, we get busy and somehow a hole forms and wildlife find their way in.

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Which Types of Wildlife Are Found in Homes?

wildlife removalHere are the most common wildlife found sneaking into homes, and the wildlife we work to remove from your home:

ROOF RATS: these are especially common in Texas because of the warmer climate. They are smaller in size and inhabit areas above ground, which is why they are found in attics and around the roof of a home.

SQUIRRELS: these fast and pesky ones are pretty common all over Oklahoma and Texas. They are experts when it comes to chewing their way in. You may not have a large gaping hole or crack, but they will make a small hole bigger just by chewing and clawing their way in. They typically look for home in the attic during the winter and late summer. Females have bi-annual litters, which makes it common for them to be found during those times.

RACCOONS: these are probably some of the most annoying to find burrowed in an attic or roof because they can cause more destruction than other wildlife that enter your home. Again, females are commonly found trying to get into roofs or attics during the springtime, in order to have babies. Raccoons are also a nuisance because they eat nearly anything and are crafty at finding food.

SKUNKS: while some states don’€™t have any issues with skunks, we certainly do in Oklahoma and Texas. While other wildlife can do quite a bit of damage to your home, skunks are just flat out awful to find in your home because of their odor. They typically like to live underneath your home, deck, porch or shed. They are nocturnal and aren’€™t the fastest creatures, which is why your dog might catch one and get sprayed.

OPOSSUM: these are the opportunistic creatures. They like to take advantage of your home in Oklahoma or Texas. It doesn’€™t really matter which part, they just find ways in to live and steal your food. They have great immune systems and eat they can eat pretty much anything, which is why opossums survive so well.

MOLES: these are the annoying diggers, and they will dig around your home in Oklahoma or Texas, don’€™t doubt it. They are territorial, which is why one will stay in one spot and destroy your yard if you let it get out of hand. They really aren’€™t that big, but they have large appetites for earthworms and other underground insects.

SNAKES: nearly 130 species native to North America, but only 20 or so that are venomous. If you have a pool, it might be more common to find snakes around your backyard because you’€™re likely to get some water snakes. Most the time snakes aren’€™t that big of problem because they take care of other pests, but every now and then they need to be removed.

Is Wildlife In My Home?

wildlife removalHere are few signs that wildlife are taking up home within your home:

Sign #1 – large holes in your roof vents, soffit intersections, exhausts and fascia boards of your roof. These are prime areas for many of the pests above to enter through. Upon further examination, if you find chewing or claw marks, then you can be sure that some form of wildlife is in your roof or attic.

Sign #2 – if you hear noises at night come from your attic or roof, then you probably have a wildlife problem. For example, if a raccoon doesn’€™t hear you moving around the house at night, then it thinks it’€™s safe to move about. Plus, raccoons are nocturnal, so they are active at night.

Sign #3 – finding squirrels on your home, especially around the roof, is a good indicator that you have some soft wood or a hole somewhere and they’€™re looking to find a way in. Squirrels are great at chewing and they will find their way in if they find a great entry point. If you see squirrels crawling around your exterior walls, especially up by the roof, then you might have a problem.

Sign #4 – if you find small pellets around the interior of your home, such as in cabinets or cupboards, then you might have a problem with mice. This is especially true if you find pellets along with holes where mice have chewed through to access sources of food.

Of course, there are more signs, but those are some of the main ones to look for. If you see or hear anything that appears to be wildlife, give us a call and we’€™ll come inspect your home. Let us take a look and see what’€™s going on, that way we can provide peace of mind.