How To Prevent Termites In Oklahoma City & Surrounding Areas

An Oklahoma City home can be prone to termite infestation, so if you want to know how to prevent them from happening and you are searching for information about it, you came to the right place. Here at Harmony Pest Solutions, we will be sharing an article discussing how to prevent termites. If you think this article will benefit you, we encourage you to continue reading below to find out.

Different actions can be taken to help prevent termites. Check out the following list below to find out how to do them correctly.

1. Be careful of mulch – Subterranean termites need soil, and mulch found surrounding your home usually contains wood. If there is wood near your home, it can be a preferable condition for termites to live in. If you need mulch for your home, you can choose one made from materials like gravel or rubber to be safe.

2. Check for leaks – Subterranean termites are attracted to moisture. It would be best if you kept your home dry, especially those areas that are prone to water, such as air conditioner and roof. If the soil near the home’s foundation is always moist, your home will be inclined to termite infestation. Make sure to divert water away by using functional gutters and downspouts. Check your home for leaking faucets and pipes to ensure that the water will drain away from your home. Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems must be installed properly to prevent water accumulation near your home.

3. Clean gutters and pipes – Termites hide in warm, dark, and damp places. It would be best to regularly clean the gutters and pipes to prevent them from hiding there.

4. Cover cracks and crevices – You must regularly inspect your home for cracks and crevices, especially the home areas where the wall and the pipes connect each other. It would be best to seal the windows and doors to prevent the termites from entering your home.

5. Check the wooden structures on your property – Termites love cellulose found in wood, so you must keep in mind not to stack firewood near your home or leave tree stumps in the yard. When building your home, you must allow at least 6 inches of space between the deck, patio, or porch and the ground to prevent termites from entering your home. You must also use wood treated with a termite-resistant solution as much as possible.

Termite infestation usually occurs when wood components of a structure are directly connected with the soil. You can eliminate wood to soil contact by pulling the soil or mulch from your home’s foundation. You can remove the bottom part of a wood latticework or place supporting steps or posts on a concrete base. Termite can build tunnels over wood surfaces or through cracks and smaller openings.

6. Do regular inspections – The best way to prevent termite infestation is to have a regular termite inspection done by professional pest control companies.

When a pest control company does a regular home inspection, they will create a termite report. Termite reports are documents provided by a professional pest control company or a licensed home inspector. This document will give the details regarding their findings after a complete inspection of a home. It will include information on the evidence they found that you have a pest infestation in your home.

Who should get a termite inspection?

A homeowner should get a termite inspection regularly. It usually depends on the state’s local laws you live in, whether you have to get one when buying or selling a home. Homebuyers in some states are required to have a termite inspection before being given a loan. In most areas in California, the local laws have been mandated that a termite inspection must be done for homes that are for sale. In Oklahoma, the probability of termites attacking wooden structures after they are built within 10 to 20 years is higher than 70%.

What is included in an Oklahoma City termite report?

A termite report will include evidence that can suggest the existence of termites in your home. This usually comprises visual indicators such as wood damage or wood dust. The report will also give information regarding any damage or other problems that can make your home prone to the infestation of termites. For instance, a termite report can also state if there are water leaks, the presence of moisture, mold, fungus, or other substances that can make your home prone to problems in the future.

Sometimes termite reports may include the following:

Termite reports can also include an estimate on what the suggested repairs will cost you. They will explain the problems found and how they can be dealt with. In some cases, the pest control companies who have done the termite report will also remedy the problem. Some will also offer a free inspection just as long as you will avail of their pest control services.

A termite report might also include information about structures outside your home. For instance, they will inspect your property perimeter, canopy, wood beams, trees found inside your property, wood sheds, and other landscaping elements that are made of wood. The inspectors will also check the foundation line of the home, especially the part where the house meets the ground, to make sure that there is no evidence that there is a possible termite infestation.

How are repairs done?

After a termite report is done, termite inspectors or pest control companies will analyze the damage and severity of the problems that have been found. Serious issues will be required to be dealt with immediately, while in some instances, repairs will be considered optional and can be done according to the home owner’s discretion.

Who will pay for the repairs?

The pest control company will suggest remediation services to deal with the existing problem and will be paid by the homeowners. This usually includes tenting or spraying to get rid of the termite infestation, repairing structural damage, etc.

A termite report is essential and must be done regularly to evaluate the home’s state and deal with any issues discovered through the information. The sooner the work will be done, the better it will be so you can do any necessary repairs for any structural damage done by the termites.

What are the frequently asked questions for dealing with termites?

1. What is the quickest way to get rid of termites in your home?

The quickest method that you can do to get rid of termites is to contact a professional pest control company like Harmony Pest Solutions. This company will use high-quality products that will be used to deal with the termite infestation more quickly than the typical DIY methods.

2. What are the indications that there is a termite infestation in your home?

There are plenty of signs that you have termites in your home. The telltale signs are mud tubes which mean there are subterranean termites, the presence of hollow-sounding wood, termite frass, and discarded wings near doors and windows. If you see peeling paint in the walls, door frames, and window sill it could mean that there are termites inside them. If you hear a clicking noise inside the walls that could mean that the termites are banging their heads on the walls.

3. What are the chemicals used to get rid of termites?

The two main chemicals used to get rid of termites are fipronil and hexaflumuron. Fipronil is a chemical commonly used as an active ingredient for different liquid termiticides. When used in high concentrations, it can kill termites instantly. Pest control companies commonly use it to apply around the circumference of homes.

Hexaflumuron is a chemical used in termite baits such as the Sentricon baiting system. The termite bait works when the termites find the bait, pick up the poison and leave a trail for the other termites to know the location of the food source. Then the termites will carry the chemicals back to their colony where they will all be slowly infected and killed by the poison.

How much does it cost to get rid of a termite infestation in the OKC area?

A pest control company will need to perform an inspection first, provide a termite report, and see what kind of termite they will be dealing with. They will also find out the degree of damage and infestation, and what treatment will be suitable for the problem.

One of the most important ways to get rid of termites is to do an inspection, which means preventative methods are better solutions than dealing with the problem of having a termite infestation. Termites can easily become out of control if not dealt with properly. Structural damage can occur and it can be more costly to do repairs in your home.

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