How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Bethany Home

Roaches or cockroaches are insects with more than 4000 species. Around 30 of these species live in the human habitat. Most are known to be pests. There are primarily about the size of a thumb, but some are larger. They have a small head and a broad and flattened body. Most of them are reddish-brown to dark brown in color.

Cockroach species in America prefer to live in dark, warm, and wet areas like under the sink, sewers, and basements. These insects can be found to infest residential homes and commercial buildings. They can enter structures like houses, restaurants, grocery stores, and even hospitals through the drains, pipes, small openings, and cracks. These and other species have been found to survive in Bethany and other cities in Oklahoma.

Roaches are generally nocturnal insects. They forage for food at night and survive by consuming small animals, food, or non-food items like starches, paper, fabric, and grease. Dark areas are where they prefer to stay. 

They are resourceful creatures and are great at hiding. Even in clean homes, they can live, eat, and breed without the homeowners knowing. If you spot an active roach during the day, it might indicate a large infestation.

What makes roaches a pest?

Cockroaches are considered to be pests. Their pest status is attributed to their wide distribution, potential to carry diseases, and close association with humans. Adult females can hatch from 90 to 150 offspring per year. Most species develop into adults in under 35 days. This means that it does not take long for your property at Bethany to be infested with roaches.

Constantly, they crawl through dirty surfaces and then around the homes, dragging viruses, bacteria, and other disease-carrying germs. When they shed their skin, they release allergens that can trigger asthma, allergic reactions, and other diseases, especially among children.

How to detect signs of roach infestation in your Bethany home

Since they are nocturnal creatures, you won’t always notice them during the day.  What you can do is look for the signs that would most certainly indicate that cockroaches live in your midst:

Cockroach Droppings:  Roach produces a large number of feces. These resemble black pepper, coffee grounds, or dark grains of rice. If your house is infested, you can find these anywhere. The location of their droppings tends to be near their nesting or feeding areas. When it comes to the size, bigger droppings usually come from larger species. 

Unpleasant Odors: Some species emit a foul smell. Large infestations usually present with a strong oily or musty odor. The scent comes from a mixture of food scraps, dead bugs, and other organic matter.  Roaches also use “chemical messages” to communicate with one another. These chemicals contribute to this distinct smell.

Cockroach Eggs: Oval-shaped egg casings called oothecae resemble small pill-shaped capsules.  Oothecae contain many eggs.  It can be carried, dropped, or glued to a safe and hidden surface. You may find newly deposited egg casings or old ones from which nymphs have already hatched.

Dead Roaches:  Dead cockroach bodies may also be spotted throughout your Bethany home. This does not mean that any possible infestation is dying. In fact, it can point to the opposite. The infestation may have gotten so large that it caused starvation. Roaches can live up to four weeks without food.  But they cannot survive for more than a week without water.

How to prevent roach breeding grounds from developing

Do you think your Bethany, OK home is roaches-ridden?  Give the following tips a try and see what happens:

Eliminate food sources

Cockroaches eat anything to survive.  Leaving food scraps lying around attracts them to stay in your home. Remove any liquids and food remains to starve them. Ensure that no crumbs, powders, or liquids are left on and under the table, in the sink, or elsewhere. 

Keep or dispose of food containers properly. Wash cans, bottles, jars, and plastic food containers before dumping them in the recycle bin. Check your small appliances and ensure that they are squeaky clean.

Storing your food in airtight containers is also helpful since roaches are attracted to the savory or sweet scents your food emits. This means that you have to empty your garbage can regularly as well.

Clean and de-clutter

Maintain a clean environment. Start with your kitchen. It is important to keep surfaces and utensils clear of food debris. Utensils, food containers, stoves, and sinks might release food odors. This will entice broods of cockroaches to inhabit your home’s dark crevices.

When roaches eliminate, their droppings contain a chemical that signals and invites their kin to live in your home. If you have a pet, put away its food and drink at night as it can also be a source of food for these pests. Pay attention to the other parts of your Bethany home as well. Inspect spaces under your furniture, shelves, and cupboards.

Decluttering gives you a chance to inspect and clear corners and hidden spaces of your home from droppings, dead roaches, and egg casings.

Seal entry points

Pipes, drains, cracks, and small holes may serve as the roaches’ entrance to your home. Check these regularly and have them repaired and sealed when necessary. These insects’ flat bodies enable them to get inside your property through tiny and slim openings, so ensure that these are addressed. 

Hire pest control experts

Having a regular inspection by pest control specialists is an excellent preventive measure in taking care of your home and your family’s health. Since pests can bring a myriad of diseases, ensure that you are not allowing any infestation to start in your place. If you are located in Bethany, OK, Harmony Pest Solutions can inspect your property and provide the best solution for your roach problems.

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