What Are The Different Ways Rodents Can Damage Homes In Oklahoma City?

Rodent infestation in a home can cause a lot of destruction. If you are in Oklahoma City and you need a pest control company to deal with a rodent infestation, Harmony Pest Solutions is here to help. We offer pest control services that can take care of the problem for you. In this blog article, we’ll go through the many ways that rodents may harm houses in Oklahoma City. If you want to learn more, keep reading below.

Once you have found out that you have a rodent infestation in your home, you must immediately deal with them before they thrive and multiply and even cause more irreversible damage to your home. 

Rodents are some of the pests that thrive in Oklahoma City. They can get inside the homes and even build nests, multiply and grow in numbers while causing damage and destruction wherever they go.

Rodents enter your home for a few reasons. They might be searching for a new home during hurricane season or to find a new place for their food sources. Our homes offer shelter with food sources in the vicinity, which is why rodents will usually decide to stay in your home if they can find a way to enter it.

What are rodents?

Rodents are considered the largest group of mammals and are known to have front incisors in both the upper and lower jaws. They can thrive anywhere they go, and they can easily adapt to their environment whether indoors or outdoors.

They can be found in different parts of the world except for Antarctica. The different types of rodents that can be found in Oklahoma City are chipmunks, gophers, porcupines, rats, mice, and squirrels. 

Are rodents dangerous to humans?

Rodents are dangerous to humans because they are known for spreading diseases, causing a lot of damage and destruction wherever they go, whether inside your home, buildings, or any type of structure they can enter inside.

They are notorious for chewing different things especially when they have to prevent their front incisors from overgrowth. When they infest a home or building, they can chew through different materials such as electrical wiring, lumber, insulation, drywall, air duct system, flooring, clothing, equipment, furniture, books, food items, toys, electronics, photographs, etc. 

Aside from structural damage, rodents can cause water damage to the plumbing system and even trigger fires because of their incessant chewing. Wild rodents can even cause damage to the electrical wirings of the homes, car engines, electrical equipment, etc. 

Rodents can spread different kinds of bacteria, viruses, and diseases through their droppings and saliva such as leptospirosis, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, salmonella, tularemia, dysentery, Hantavirus, etc. The trails of their droppings and urine can also trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions that can be a medical problem if left unattended.

When rats bite or scratch you, bacteria can spread and cause diseases like the Rat-Bite fever; its symptoms are rash on hands and feet, joint pain, fever, headache, muscle pain, and vomiting.

Why is there a rodent infestation in my home?

Rodents are always on the lookout for food sources, water, and nesting sites so they can grow and thrive. Garbage cans, fruit trees within gardens, feeders for birds, compost pits, woodpiles, huge grasses, and abandoned pet food may attract rodents to your home.

They can easily enter your home, especially during the winter months, since they can squeeze through tiny gaps as small as the diameter of a pencil.

Where can I find rodents?

You can find rodents in different places such as: 

Indoors – Rodents seek dark, warm, and damp places to build their nest and gather food when they invade your house. The following are some of the most typical locations inside a home where rodents may be found:

  • Inside the walls
  • The basement and attic
  • Crawl spaces
  • Ceilings
  • Inside appliances
  • Behind cabinets and storage boxes
  • Under the sink

Outdoors – When rodents live outdoors, they will find a place where they can build their nest and hide in different areas of your property such as:

  • Tree stumps
  • Wood piles
  • At the bottom of the deck, patio, or foundations of your home
  • In areas with tall grass, plants, fruit trees, and massive vegetation
  • In areas near a water source
  • Abandoned birds or other animals’ nests

What are the different ways rodents can damage your home?

Rodents can find entry points

Rodents can find ways to enter a home, even a minor hole might serve as an entrance for them. They can scale walls, so if the top outer layer of the house has a hole, it may be an entryway for them to enter. Mice may squeeze through holes that are as little as a dime in diameter.

Rodents may gain access to your house if the screens, windows, or doors are damaged. They can gnaw through a variety of materials. A tiny hole might be enlarged with their constant chewing and strong front and bottom teeth.

Rodents can chew anything

In Oklahoma City, rodent infestation has caused stress to many homeowners. Aside from carrying germs, they may also cause damage inside and outside your property due to their chewing. Their gnawing can be seen on your furniture, walls, electronics, clothing, bags, wooden structures, wiring systems, and so on.

They can cause a lot of damage to your property which can be costly to repair. These can cause water leaks from the damaged plumbing systems and even start fires because of damaged electrical wirings inside the home. 

Rodents spread diseases

Rodents can spread diseases, bacteria, and viruses wherever they go. You can find their droppings in different areas of your home such as silverware, couches, drawers, cabinets, pantry, etc. Once you locate their nests you can smell their awful odor because they will be full of urine and feces.

They can cause Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, leptospirosis, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, salmonella, tularemia, dysentery, etc. Mice can produce 75 droppings per day and they can easily build up if you do not deal with them as soon as possible.

Rodents can also be carriers of ticks and fleas which can affect you, your family, and your pets. Dead rodents have a horrible smell and can be hazardous to you and your family. 

How to prevent rodents from infesting your home

  • Check for signs of rodent infestation in your home (search for the presence of feces, chew or bite marks, food droppings, or nesting materials)
  • Use tight-fitting lids on your garbage cans
  • Throw your trash daily 
  • Clean the home regularly and get rid of food crumbs and other possible food sources 
  • Keep food inside airtight containers
  • Garden and compost piles must be inspected regularly; they should be placed strategically away from your home
  • Get rid of shrubs, branches, and limbs near your home as they can be used as a way to enter your home
  • Get rid of entry points, repair or seal any holes that you find in the exterior part of the house as they can be an entryway for rodentsInspect the different areas of your home’s foundation and the exterior walls for any possible entryways for rodent
  • Repair any structural damage or holes on your roof
  • Use a tight-fitting cap on your chimney
  • Get rid of water sources as they can attract rodents into your property, and fix faucet and pipe leaks
  • Clean the gutter and fixtures regularly

Rodents are considered one of the most destructive pests in homes in Oklahoma City. They are known to create their nests indoors during autumn to prepare for the long winter. You can find different variety of rodent species in Oklahoma City such as field mice, house mice, Norway rats, and toof rats.

These rodents are known for entering homes and living in the attic, basement, and sinks, and can cause havoc by destroying structures, and electrical wirings. 

How to get rid of rodents

You must work with a pest control company to get rid of pests like rodents and prevent them from infesting your home. At Harmony Pest Solutions, we can provide year-round pest control services to get rid of pests inside your home and property.

Mice, rats, and other rodents may be harmful to your health. If you have mice, rats, or other rodents infesting your property, you should call a professional firm to handle the situation properly. We can get rid of any pests and ensure that your home is free of vermin. An inspection will be conducted followed by the appropriate treatment of the pest problem.

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